Bells ringing from Schlossberg.

We have moved to Hotel Mariahilf, which seems to be in the center of things. A saxophone just blared by the window. The kids are off to Budapest, and we are trying to relax in the heat. The room is nice and cool without AC though, so I'm keeping the windows shut for now.

This is a video I took on Wednesday up at Schlossberg with the bells ringing around the city. Click on the link because uploading it is taking too long!


Hotel Mariahilf is nice in its own way, but it costs a Euro a day to get an internet code. And that's for one device. So if you have a phone and a computer, you need 2 codes, which will cost you 2 Euros. John says the download speeds are fast, and the upload speeds are slow, which is exactly the opposite of what I want. For example, the video above has so far taken 5 minutes to upload, and it's still not done; hence the link instead.

Lunch today was at Drei Goldene Kugeln, which is a small chain of restaurants that's known for its super-sized portions of schnitzel...well, everything. My dessert was a kugel dessert, which was about an inch of whipped cream - whipped cream with sugar, not just plain whipped cream - underneath a ball of vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and more whipped cream surrounded by 8 little cream puff balls. HEAVEN. When I saw the inch of whipped cream under the ice cream, I almost cried. Such goodness. One of the students said, "I just can't do the sweets like that." I said, "I can't drink like others. We all have our strengths."


  1. yay! I found your blog! Auntie em

  2. And always play to your strengths! Auntie em